As Albert Einstein said: “I don’t need to know everything, I just need to know where to find what I need, when I need it.”
We have prepared here a series of links to sites that may be useful and / or entertaining. It will grow.


Within the Trail Running world, there are some associations involved that are probably worth keeping an eye on.

Spanish Trail Running Association

The main website of the only Spanish Association dedicated to the defense of Trail Running.
Try to help Runners and Organizers with articles, links, Trail Running movies, a great race calendar and the Environmental Decalogue.

International Trail Running Association - ITRA

International Trail Running Association.
The first international association dedicated exclusively to Trail Running and of which I am among its founding members.

IAAF - World Atletics

World Athletics, formerly known as the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) is the governing body of athletics worldwide.

Real Federación Atletismo Española

Official page of the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation, which since 2015 has been in charge of Trail Running.


The website of the Spanish Federation of Mountain Sports and Climbing.


The International Skyrunning Federation represents the skyrunning authority, defined as a mountain race over 2,000m. on extremely technical trails.
There are three disciplines: Sky, Ultra and Vertical.


International Trail Running race circuit.

Webs of Interest

Some interesting pages worth considering.

Carreras de Montaña

If you do not know this website, you are not in the world of Trail Running.
Managed and directed by a friend: Sergio Garasa Mayayo, is a meeting point for trail lovers.

Territorio Trail Media

An up to date website, a Media and a Source of information.
Founded and directed by Alfonso Almasy and Raúl Leorza.


The irreverent look at the world of trail by Ezequiel Bellido.


From elite athletes to family heroes: If you cross the finish line, Runedia is your website.

Corredor de Montaña

Interesting Trail website with news, material tests and a bit of everything.Interesante web de Trail con noticias, pruebas de material y un poco de todo.

Carreras Populares

Lo que quieras y como quieras en el mundo del atletismo.

Corriendo por la sierra

Information on many races and Trail Running events, as well as Athletes updates by Monrasin.

Circuito Solo Runners

To promote Athletics and Popular Races.

Corredores Populares

The most complete training website for popular runners: the experienced ones and, especially, the novice ones.

Atletismo Perote

Pedro’s Blog, interesting and up-to-date news.

Nou Pindaro

Web of Athletics and races of all kinds.

Andes Expeditions

Formed by and for climbers and adventurers in the heart of the Atacama desert (Chile).
Highly recommended.


Trail running stores, both physical and online.


A classic and a page to visit whenever possible.
They have material not only of Trail but of mountain and Outdoor in all its wide meaning.


As Organizers of the famous 4 Deserts, they specialize in stage and adventure racing.

Expedition Foods

Lyophilized food quite tasty and the last time I checked it with less weight and more calories on the market.
Packages organized for 250km stage races type MDS or The4Deserts.

Trail Xtrem

Great specialized store in Alcobendas, where its owner, Jorge Gil, will attend you in luxury.


Trail Running Magazines


The newest adventure in the Running world from Motorpress, which with an incredibly team of expert creates a magazine from scratch. Great job !!!!

Trail Runner Mag

American magazine with interesting but a bit local content.

Revista Trail

Spanish, and pioneer of the Trail and only of the Trail.

Spirito Trail

The first Italian magazine that only talks about Trail.

Trail Run

The proposal of editor Motorpress speaking of Trail Running. It is recommended.

Kiss the Mountain

Free digital mountain magazine, yes, free.

The Pill

Free digital mountain magazine, yes, free and also international.

El Trail Running en TV

Some moments, few, in which Trail Running has been on a TV program.

Monica Aguilera y Emma Roca en TVE

The winner of the MDS-10 in an interview on TVE with Emma Roca, second in 2011.

Salvador Calvo en TVE

Salvador Calvo, winner of RacingThePlanet Australia 2010 on TVE

Josef Ajram en Buenafuente

The first interview of an Ultrarunner on television

Personal Websites

Personal pages of Trail runners that have somehow caught my attention. It is not an exhaustive list as the Monrasin’s Website.

Kilian Jornet

I can’t think to say that it hasn’t already been said.

Luis Alberto Hernando

Two words that define him: A Champion.

Salvador Calvo

An old school trail running and adventurer, an ultra-long distance runner who has run and won more races than I remember, and certainly a friend.

Dean Karnaces

The website of friend Dean, a famous American ultra-long distance runner with several books and movies to his credit.

Sergio Fernandez

Also known as Ser13gio.
Very strong ultra-long distance runner who specializes in rare races. Where nobody runs, he goes, … or has already gone.

Benoit Laval

French ultra-long-distance runner and founder of Raidlight.

Seb Chaigneau

French athlete from The North Face team and probably one of the world’s friendliest trail runners.

Rafael Argote

Rafa Argote’s Blog, an all terrain of the Ultratrails specialized in enormously long and not very well known races.

Antonio de la Rosa

Although he is clearly not a Trail Runner, he is a total multi-athlete, who has been doing crazy things lately.

Almasy Runner

Made in Spain, that says a lot.
Founder of Territorio Trail Media, Alfonso has dedicated to running quite a lot of years.

Ray Zahab

Canadian ultrarunner with incredible adventures, including the crossing of the Sahara desert in Africa, yes, on foot.


Luis Arribas Website, also known as Spanjaard, one of the best sports Blogs, and not only sports, a philosopher, and a journalist …..

Jaume Tolosa

Catalan ultra-distance runner with great successes and over all a good guy.

Lleida Extrem

Lerida team of ultrarace athletes, Kike and Arcadi

Xavi Marina

Top ultra-runner, pastry chef and creator of the Costa Brava Extrem.

Hermanos Terés

Two brothers that I met at MDS a century ago.
The Ultratrail machines of Catalan Ultra.

Josef Ajram

Character of the Trail Running world that has its pros and cons, but without a doubt it impacts.
What can be said about Josef? … That where is the limit?

Toni Contesti

Given to charity.

Javi Barbastro

When you want to get emotional reading.


Some of the leading brands in the Trail Running world can be found below.