Below you can find a list of interventions on different radio stations.

Interventions in the program A Tu Ritmo Trail, the running podcast directed by Luis Blanco.
With tips to be better runners, popular race schedule, injury treatment and all the latest running news.

Every Monday live at 8pm on our website and on social networks. And on podcast whenever you want.

Created by Deportismo.es


13/Abril/2020 - ATR Trail with Alberto Morcu and Mayayo.

13/Abril/2020 - ATR Trail with Alberto Morcu and Mayayo.

16/Marzo/2020 - ATR Trail speaking about Pedestrianism.

17/Feb./2020 - ATR Trail with the Ecologic Sectors.

23/Dic./2019 - Running books from Desnivel book store.

11/Jun./2014 - News from Formentera to Run.

18/Junio/2014 - With Chema Martinez speaking about Gobi

23/Abril/2014 - A tu Ritmo Trail with the 100km del Sahara

2/Abril/2014 - Speaking with Adriano Zito and the ONTT in Spain.

5/Marzo/2014 - News of the 100km del Sahara with Alma Obregón.

29/Enero/2014 - 100km del Sahara and Alma Obregón.

22/Enero/2014 - With Chema Martinez and his change to Trail.

25/Septiembre/2013 - Andrés Lledó and The 4 Deserts

17/Junio/2013 - RacingThePlanet Iceland

28/Mayo/2013 - Formentera to Run

10/Mayo/2013 - Speaking about RacingThePlanet - Iceland.

Interventions in the program Territorio Trail from Territorio Trail Media.

Territory Trail Media is a global media specialized in Trail Running directed by Alfonso García and Raúl Leorza.

Radio | Podcast | News | Opinion | Media Press | Mkt | Test.

I have collaborated with them on specific programs and since January 2020 they broadcast in Aragón Radio.

26/Abril/2017 - Speaking about Formentera to Run, 60 km race in the balear Island. (Min 0:21:33)

26/Nov./2016 - Speaking about the AE Trail

24/Feb./2016 - Hablamos de desierto español. Hablamos de Monegros.

2/Sep./2014 - Comenting UTMB.

1/Julio/2015 - Speaking with Yeray Durán in the Lavaredo Ultra Trail.

4/Nov./2014 -Races in África. (Min 0:57:20)

1/Julio/2014 - Speaking about the Lavaredo Ultra Trail.

22/Jun./2014 - ITRA's Calification system (Min 0:12:54)

5/Feb/2014 -Chema Martinez and The 4 Deserts. (Min 0:09:08)

2/Feb/2014 -Speaking about the Lavaredo Ultra Trail. (Min 0:42:43)

16/Oct/2013 - Speaking about the ITRA

15/Mayo/2013 - My starts as Ultrarunner

Collaborations with Factor Running the star program of Gustavo Montes.

A team of professionals with a great passion and dedication in spreading Athletics, Running & Trail. On its platform we have Information, Notes and Interviews with references from both the National and International Sports field.
Columns with outstanding professionals and news on the latest trends in the Sports Market.

21/Dic./2015 - ¿How do you design a race?.

31/Marzo/2016 - Presenting RacingThePlanet Patagonia 2017

20/Marzo/2016 - Chatting about the AE Trail y and about RacingThePlanet Patagonia.

Collaborations with Begoña Beristain in her Mendi Run program on Onda Vasca.

15/Feb./2020 - ¿What animals can we find while running? (Min. 20:47)

20/Mar./2020 - ¿Do we do Crosstraing in lockdown? (Min. 21:15)

The well know Trail Running website, Carrerasdemontana directed by Sergio Garasa Mayayo, has also has a prolific Podcast channel of course, about Trail Running.

We include here some of the collaborations with this media.

30/Nov./2019 - Interesting debate on self-sufficiency and external support.

21/Dic./2019 - Speaking about the 100km del Sahara with Alex Fraguela.

04/Feb./2019 - Sweepstakes contest winner Mayayo-100km del Sahara