Ultrarun ?

Born in Madrid 1962
Study architecture graduating in 1990
After working in various studies Madrid, I open my own studio for design and events: Imagen & Producto, together with an industrial designer, Jaime Luengo.


Fan always on sports like paragliding, kite-surfing, canyoning and speleology, I always run to maintain good fitness base.

In 1998 I discovered the world of extreme running, with all its variants, deserts, jungles and mountains, and thereafter are almost my only hobby.

Some extreme races completed: 

  • Racing The Planet Vietnam, 250 km.
The Last Desert, Antarctica, 250 Km.
Sahara Race, Egypt, 250 Km.
Atacama Crossing, Chile, 250 km.
  • Gobi March, China, 250 Km.
  • Marathon des Sables, Morocco, 250 Km.

Grand Raid Reunion 163 Km. D + 9.600 (2 editions)
Ultra Trail Mont Blanc 163 Km. D + 9.800
Grand Trail Valdigne 100 Km. D + 5.300
Lavaredo Ultra Trail 98 Km. D + 5.300
Grand Raid Cro-Magnon 112 Km. D + 5.800
Namibia 100 miles 160 Km. 4 stages
100 Km. Sahara (3 issues) 

  • Trophy KIMA 48 Km. D + 3.650
Mali Desert Cup 180 Km.
60 Km race in Corsica.
Grand Trail Aneto 96 Km. D + 5.950 

  • Alpine Marathon Madrid (three editions) 

  • Galarleiz Alpine Marathon (three editions)
CAM Cup racing mountain
Corricolari Cup racing mountain 

  • Arbeca Trail Running

WEB Ultrarun

In 2003 I created the Web page www.ultrarun.es which becomes a meeting place for fans of ultra running. 
In here you can find news, articles, photographs and videos from the world of trail running as well as one of the best trail running calendars.


IN 2007 I become the first Spanish to complete “The 4 Deserts” one of the hardest challenge in trail running and the second world hardest according to TIME magazine.


In 2007 the races become work and I started collaborating with some organizations particularly from the technical point of view, selecting and marking the routes.

I have been Course Director of more than 70 extreme races, all ultra distance, from 60 to 250 km. in the hardest and extreme enviroments in the world.

I am probably the only professional Course Director in the world.

In the year 2010 the GARMIN brand, recognized me as Official Garmin marker, with the seal of quality for my work.
Actually, we are working on a project called “Track the World” where I show how to use Garmin GPS devices in my travels all over the world.

As LECTURER, various clubs, associations, sports centers, or shops request me for presentations and conferences on trail and ultra trail.

Founder member of ITRA (International Trail Running Organization) the first international organization that deals exclusively with Trail and UltraTrail. Secretary until 2015 and responsible for the technical part of race measurement.

Spanish Trail Running Association (AE Trail)
Founder and president of the Spanish Trail Running Association, the biggest private Trail Running Association in Spain. Directly related with ITRA. 

I have worked and collaborated regularly with all the best running magazines in Spain and Italy:
Runner’s World, Trail Running Planet, The Outdoor World, Oxygen, Barrabés, GQ, Urban Fit, Correre (Italian), Spirito Trail (Italian)

In total, I have over 90 articles published.

A regular contributor to several radio programs, A Tu Ritmo, T.T. Trail Territory and MendiRun, all dedicated to Trail Running.