The adventure of running trough the desert

The adventure of running trough the desert

15 May 2020 0 By Carlos Ultrarun

Article recently published in TrailRun magazine where you can read it in full in which I talk about what it is to run through the desert with Zitoway, an Italian organization dedicated to this for more than 20 years.

Trail running may be new words but discipline is not and in addition to mountain races, which everyone knows, it includes other areas as fascinating or more like the desert.

The desert or you hate it or you fall in love and you can not stop coming back, but to run through the desert it is necessary to do it in complete safety, since it is an environment that does not joke and for that the best of all is to go to an organization with a long history of working in this environment.

Zitoway Sport & Adventure is an Italian organization that has more than 20 years focused on stage races in the desert.
In 1999, Adriano Zito, Director of the company’s events, organized the 1st edition of the 100 km of the Sahara in the Tunisian Sahara. From there it began its trajectory as an organizing company of several races through the heart of Africa, in the Sahara desert in Tunis, in Namibia and in Senegal, all of them in stages and in complete safety. Here we tell you about its most paradisiacal destinations:


The 100 kilometers of the Sahara offers 3 different programs to fit different audiences. Programs in the most extreme direction, for the most expert runners who are looking for more and greater distances, and programs in the opposite direction for faster runners or less lovers of long distances or for Nordic Walkers as well as having a place as always walkers.

– 100 km in stages. This formula – four stages of approximately 25 km – is particularly suitable for fast athletes and less prone to long distances and the growing movement of Nordic Walking.
– 100 km from the Sahara No Stop, an ultra marathon perfect for lovers of long distances, extreme races and well trained.
– 100 km Grand Slam 100 + 100. A double distance adventure, a race that includes both the stage and ultra race, with a total distance of 200 km.
More information about the 100 km of the Sahara HERE


A 100-kilometer itinerant race in 5 days through Senegal, a unique and fascinating land with strong, wild and vivid colors, the land of the baobabs. A country inhabited by a beautiful population with a soft and friendly character, the country of “teranga” hospitality.

The 100 km du Senegal offers an intense program full of emotions, a visit to the most beautiful areas of Senegal that will lead to a real moment of contact with people and their places of life. All this, combined with a passion for running and sports travel, are the ingredients of this program that will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark even among the most experienced marathon runners, used to running in all latitudes.


For runners: The first stage, a prologue just at sunset of about 5 km, the second, 20 km between baobabs and acacias and with a lot of presence of local inhabitants and intermittent sandy bottom, the third, about 20 km in the middle of the African Sahel and the fourth a 42 km marathon. between the Sahel and the sea and the fifth in the only area of ​​sand dunes in all of Senegal.
For walkers: 5 + 11 + 11 + 21 km.
More information about the 100 km of Senegal HERE


It is a 100-kilometer stage race in southern part of Africa, in an area of extraordinary beauty. The Sossusvlei area is known for being located in the largest Natural Park in the world with incredibly beautiful sand dunes.

The organization has two options to enjoy it:

For Runners: With 4 stages: the first, a 15 km night prologue on tracks, the second, a half marathon in the Sesriem canyon, the third the full marathon and finally the last, a great adventure of 26 km between the more dunes highest in the world.
For walkers: 15 + 20 + 30 + 11 km.

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