Recce in Australia

Recce in Australia

17 March 2020 0 By Carlos Ultrarun

Clearly one of the advantages of this job is the possibility of traveling to incredible destinations and Australia is undoubtedly one of them.

Eastern Australia is known for its subtropical rainforests and, thank God, the recent fires that have affected most of the country have not reached this green lung, although shortly before our arrival we did smell the smoke and it had not rained for months.
The truth is that the clouds have made their appearance on time and by the time we landed, the entire Goonengerry was almost fluorescent green.

As an island it is, as soon as you arrive you undergo an intensive control at the airport to control all imports of food products, wood, biological products of any kind and in these days of world crisis, Coronavirus. After completing the procedures and after a drive, we finally reached our destination.

The trip was half pleasure, half work so I have been fortunate enough to have Angeles, my wife, accompany me and in this way we have both enjoyed the nature of this privileged area of ​​Australia.
The task, in the work part, was the georeferencing of a plot in Goonengerry.

Georeferencing is the recording of GPS points of the most important landmarks and even the tracks of the tracks and trails. With all this information, distances can be calculated or routes can be made and measured. That’s basically what it takes to design any career so it fits perfectly with my job. Of course, I carry my two secret weapons in my hand luggage: the Garmin GPSMap66st and the Garmin 276Cx essential for field work.

The terrain is simply spectacular. The owner has been committed since the purchase to eliminate the invasive species, mainly the camphaloral tree and to recover the subtropical vegetation, typical of that area. Investing a significant amount of resources has created an incredible space that aims to pamper you in a particular way.

There are rivers, lakes, hills, eucalyptus forests and of course all kinds of animals, from Wallabies small brown kangaroos, to Koalas or Platypus, although the latter are difficult to see. It is definitely an earthly paradise where we have been fortunate enough to explore every corner of the estate.

The data with all the GPS information I have dumped daily, as I do in the design of any race in Basecamp, the free Garmin GPS data management program and with that information on the computer, I have taken the routes that were needed and designed the new ones.
The good thing about carrying two tools, is that there is always a backup in case of any equipment problem, which being electronic can happen, especially in environments as humid and hot as these.

Some time if we have taken to visit Byron Bay, the most touristic city in the area, which although it is really beautiful, with the prices it has is not so cozy, at least for the Spanish pocket and time has passed quickly, a week flies by, and almost inadvertently we find ourselves boarding the plane back.

Impressive experience, making a different use of GPS technology enjoying a unique environment and to which I hope to return one day to see progress.